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What has Artie built?

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Who is Artie?

He's someone you'll hire to code something unique

He's someone you're going to love working with

He's a Shopify expert

Artie has over 15 years of experience working with the web. Grounded in real world sales expertise he uses his superpowers (aka digital skills) to craft incredible digital customer experiences designed to delight and convert.

Artie isn't an agency, but he'll deliver results that will make you feel like you've been served by a great one. In fact, when the team at Shopify were asked to recommend a "non-agency developer" Artie was the man they pointed towards.

He's also been awarded for his work. Artie was the recipient of a Shopify Commerce Award for his work on Fika Swedish Kitchen.

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What does Artie do?

Bespoke web dev

If there's a feature your site needs but doesn't have, Artie can make it happen. And if there's a better way, he'll help you find it.

  • Custom Shopify Theme Development
  • Shopify Theme Set Up & Optimisation
  • Custom Features (what can you dream up?!)

Platform migration

Magento making you sad? Outgrown Squarespace? Artie can help you pack it all up and move to a place that's perfectly suited to your business.

  • Magento to Shopify migration
  • WooCommerce to Shopify migration
  • Squarespace to Shopify migration
  • Data export / import


We've built it, now let the people know you're here! Artie can help you grab the attention of your customers where they're hanging out online.

  • Electronic direct mail (EDMs)
  • Paid social advertising (FB & IG)
  • List building
  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Campaign copywriting

E-commerce strategy

No website is ever truly "finished". Artie can help optimize your existing website to improve customer experience and boost conversion.

  • E-commerce audit and analysis
  • Customer journey optimisation
  • Increasing conversion rates
  • Increasing cart size and value

You'll quickly learn that above all else Artie is a problem solver. He loves tackling challenges that save time, improve experience and boost revenue.

He saved one client 120 hours per year by automating the process of invoice generation in Xero for specific orders in Shopify.

Another dreamt of having a pixellated cinammon bun chasing the cursor around the screen. Artie made it happen.

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Build Your Own Carton - Stone & Wood

Artie teamed up with Owl & Monk to develop this fun and interactive way for Stone & Wood lovers to combine their favourite beers.

Stone & Wood are already one of the most digitally innovative beer brands in the Australian market, and the 'Build Your Own Carton' project offers a new way of connecting with their customers, particularly as COVID restrictions forced many customers away from pubs.

Featuring a fun 'build me a random case' feature and clever backend functions to help fulfilment teams make sure they're getting the right beers in the right boxes, it's sure to become one of the most beloved features of the Stone & Wood site.

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  • Flexible controls over which products are featured in the builder
  • Desktop and mobile optimisation
  • Ability for customers to pick a random combination of products
  • Backend functionality to help fulfilment teams identify different combinations

Stone & Wood Build Your Own Carton developed by Artie Codes Stone & Wood Build Your Own Carton developed by Artie Codes Stone & Wood Build Your Own Carton developed by Artie Codes

Fika Swedish Kitchen

Fika is a Swedish work that translates to "taking a break for coffee and a bite to eat". It's hardly surprising then that Sydney-siders have been flocking to the brand's two beachside locations (Manly and Bondi) since 2013.

Squarespace had served them well for several years, but they'd outgrown it, and with the onslaught of Covid, the need to present a proper e-commerce front switched from nice-to-have to absolutely critical.

Artie handled the migration from Squarespace to Shopify, as well as developing one of the most fun and engaging hospitality websites in Sydney.

Designed by the team who own Fika (2 out of 3 of the Swedes behind the cafes are designers), we worked together to bring the designs to life. There's so many little features that make this site unique, however some of the fully-customized elements Artie added that are worth checking out include:

The site also won a Shopify Commerce Award for Best Migration.

  • Custom menus per venue
  • Venue-specific page styling
  • A custom job application app
  • See if you can find the pixellated cinammon buns (hint: bakery)

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Fika Swedish Kitchen Homepage


Pioneers in on-the-bike fashion, Attaquer have grown to become one of the world's best known and most irreverant cycling apparel brands.

With a global audience, Artie built a site based on a design by designer Koen Arbouw that's deployed in 3 separate regions across the world (International, EU and Japan).

The site leverages Shopify Plus, the enterprise-level option from Shopify. Artie developed a range of elements that help drive growth for Attaquer, including automated discounting scripts and wholesale functionality.

The site features fully custom features such as a bottle builder, free gift with cart and integration of a customer loyalty program.

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Attaquer Cycling Homepage

Stone & Wood

Artie teamed up with Owl & Monk to handle Stone & Wood's migration from Magento to Shopify.

As one of Australia's most beloved breweries, the migration was a huge success and has helped the brand double down on their digital sales strategy.

The project was an interesting one as it involved splitting out the marketing and e-commerce functions of the business to Wordpress and Shopify, repectively. Developing solutions for both platforms simultaneously, Artie was able to unify the user experience while streamlining the codebase of both sites.

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Attaquer Cycling Homepage


Artificer is one of Australia's premier coffee roasteries and coffee bars.

Designed by Mike Yee, Artie developed this static site to be super fast and to make sure the critical information in front of customers' eyes quickly, while echoing the brand's minimalistic aesthetic.

While their Surry Hills home is a short motorbike ride from Sydney's famous beaches, an HTML5 video background brings the page to life.

As simple as it is, this is one of Artie's favourite builds.

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Artificer Coffee Homepage